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Solving Your Air Conditioning Woes

If an air conditioning hiccup is cramping your style in the middle of a Portsmouth or Petersfield heat wave, we have your back. We’ll make sure you feel cool and comfortable behind the wheel again in no time.

Maintenance with a Smile

Most air conditioning glitches involve dwindling refrigerant levels, which is an easy problem to fix. You shouldn’t need to spend hours waiting for a routine replacement, so we’ll see to your problem while you wait. If you’re suffering from poor cooling performance, your A/C might have an overcharged refrigerant or too much moisture in the system. These simple fixes shouldn’t cost you the earth. At P.E.T.S. in Portsmouth & Petersfield, we pledge to add no sales bonuses as one of many ways to keep your quote wallet-friendly.

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Not all A/C failures are easy to fix. Sometimes the problem is a little more complex and deep-seated. If your system has a leak, it will need to be found and repaired. Sometimes, a compressor is responsible for keeping the clutch from engaging. A blown fuse might need to be replaced, but the cause will also need to be corrected as a preventative measure. At P.E.T.S. we don’t merely patch up problems on the surface: we do everything possible to keep them from happening again.

Compressors tend to lose lubrication, in which case your belt is probably protesting loudly. Hopefully, the compressor itself won’t need replacement, but if it does, you’ll receive our friendly service along with a guaranteed low price. We serve you with honesty and integrity, so we’re transparent enough to keep our work open to inspection. Our repair will be as eco-friendly as possible, so you’ll drive away with a clear conscience.

If your refrigerant has drained completely, it might need to be purged. Drainage sometimes indicates a leak or a stuck valve. Whatever the problem, we’ll diagnose and repair it that keeps you as happy with our work as you are with our staff.

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Our Promise to You

Every system is unique and requires a thorough diagnosis. We understand the type of oil and viscosity your air conditioner needs to stay lubricated. It’s imperative that your car is treated to the correct compressor and vehicle manufacturer recommendations. We strive to retain clients, so our service always reaches for the safest and most long-lasting solution.

We believe in treating our clients to as much luxurious service as we do their cars, so we offer you free Wi-Fi, a children’s play area, and complimentary refreshments while you wait.

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