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Cam Belts

Here at Portsmouth & Petersfield Exhaust and Tyre Services (P.E.T.S), we have 30 years of experience fixing and repairing cars for clients throughout the area. Replacing cam belts is one example of the important services we provide to our customers. Read on to find out more about this type of work and why it’s vital for your car.

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Whether you’re worried that your cam belt is starting to wear, or you simply want it checked alongside other safety inspections, our team knows what to look out for and how to expertly replace faulty components. While you’re waiting for us to complete an inspection or replacement, you can enjoy the free refreshments provided, and there is a children’s play area on site for kids to safely roam about. And you needn’t worry about the costs. Our guaranteed low prices are very competitive, providing you with excellent value when you leave your car in the hands of our experts.

What are Cam Belts?

The cam belt is a critical part of an engine. Also known as the timing belt, this component controls a large proportion of the engine, including the valves and the cam shaft. Like a car’s tyres, this belt can degrade over time and affect its performance. A new cam belt fitted at our professional garage will revitalise your engine and help you avoid future breakdowns.

car mechanic replacing timing belt at camshaft of modern engine

Why it’s Important to Maintain Your Cam Belt

It’s important to keep your engine’s cam belt in good condition for a number of reasons. Cam belts will lose their grip over time and start to slip, affecting the engine’s timing. When all the engine parts are out of sync, there is a risk of engine failure due to the cylinder head and the pistons and valves coming into contact. Other reasons that a cam belt might fail include incorrect tension, faulty parts and contamination. Regardless of the reason, an engine failure can be costly to repair, so a thorough check-up by our professional mechanics is a wise choice.

For an expert assessment of your car’s engine, don’t hesitate to contact us at P.E.T.S if you are in the Portsmouth or Petersfield area.

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