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30 years experience repairing & servicing all makes and models

With three decades worth of experience, the service offered by Portsmouth & Petersfield Exhaust & Tyre Services Ltd is second to none. The ideal place to turn for all of your car servicing and vehicle repairs, we have a proven track record dealing with wide range of mechanical and electrical problems. From fault diagnosis to a full servicing of every part of your car, we can help. Our skilled mechanics are able to conduct MOT testing which also includes a 14 day re-test at no additional cost. Indeed, if you are unsure whether your car needs to be serviced or repaired for whatever reason, then please note that it is possible to conduct an obligation-free assessment on your behalf. Essentially, this service constitutes a brief but through assessment of your car, but it does not mean that you need to make any commitment to repair charges that might follow. Instead, our mechanics will provide you with a detailed quotation of any works that might be needed, covering your car’s batteries, braking system and so on.

Portsmouth exhaust and tyre centre interior with 3 cars

Full & winter service

When looking for a skilled car servicing company in the Portsmouth or Petersfield area, it is well worth considering P.E.T.S. All of the key aspects of your car are inspected, including the brakes, the engine, the steering system and the tyres. We also conduct many winter service check ups for motorists who want to make sure their car is in tip top condition for the harsher driving conditions of the winter months. This service includes a twenty point check which covers all the essential car services such as the electrical lights, the shock absorbers, the wipers and washers and the level of anti-freeze and brake fluids. Furthermore, our winter check up will also include inspections of internal hoses and exhaust components, the car’s power steering system and the fan belt.

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Stay safe by keeping your car maintained

Keeping a car in good condition is not just about making sure that it depreciates as slowly as possible, maintaining its re-sale value. A high-quality servicing and repair programme means that you can continue to motor on Britain’s busy streets safe in the knowledge that your car is in good roadworthy condition. This means you should continue to drive safely and to be able to rest assured that you – and your car’s occupants – are fully protected.


We offer free checks on all makes and models and stock all the top makes. All our batteries come with a 3 year guarantee so you can rest assured in the unlikely event anything goes wrong. Older batteries can often struggle, especially during the winter. Come in and see our experts today who will make sure your car gets you to your destination on time.

Servicing & repairs while you wait

Please note that repairs and car servicing works can be conducted while you wait with free refreshments, if wanted. There is even a play area for your children to enjoy whilst you wait.

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